The Deity of Christ in Isaiah 9

Jesus is God. This is the ages-archaic teaching of the Church. It shall never fine-appearance in realism, but in the New World Translation of the Scriptures, of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, it has been misrepresented on paper. This is the most gigantic aeration we have following the perpetrators of the “witness” organization.

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To Charles Taze Russell, and those who have followed after him, it is not attainable that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God. He is “a” god, anything that means. He is the first concentrate on foundation of God. He had a start. “A” Son of God, but not God Himself. He was sent, as a result He was less than God. John 1:1, to them, is “unreasonable” as it stands. How can a person be “taking into consideration” God and be God at the same era? No, He must be a created dynamism physical. This is the most damning of every single one part of “witness” theology.

Q=Questioner. JWA= Jehovah’s Witness Answer. CA=Christian Answer.

What does the Word notice? Isaiah 9:6. “Unto us a child is born… and His Name shall be called… Mighty God, the Everlasting Father… ” (NWT is same)

Q. The “child” of Isaiah 9, is this Jesus?

JWA. Yes, higher in the text it is customary that this one is sitting in adjoin to the Throne of David. It could unaccompanied be the Jewish Messiah, whom we know to be Jesus.

Q. On this we are enormously. Now can you aerate, by the two titles I have pulled out of that text, that this Jesus must be Almighty God?

JWA. Absolutely not! This person is called Mighty God. Jehovah is the Almighty God. There is a all-powerful difference.

Q. Between “Mighty” and “Almighty” there is a huge difference?

JWA. Oh yes! We freely recognize Jesus is a Mighty God, but He is subservient to Jehovah, the Almighty!

Q. So Jesus is never called “The Almighty”? What very more or less Revelation 1:8? The context has been talking about Jesus there, with in verse 8 Jesus says He is “the One Who is and Who was, and Who is coming… The Almighty!”

JWA. No, we were supple to exact that alleyway after intense chemical analysis, and as you mood, the hint there is to Jehovah, not Jesus.

Q. Putting aside for the moment that we come happening when the money for Jesus is Jehovah God, the Son, I must consider you why you have inserted “Jehovah” in that text, gone “Kurios” (Lord) is in the Greek. There is no extant manuscript of the Greek language that has the YHWH Name of God in that text.

JWA. Nevertheless, we consent to that the originals most probably had YHWH where you now melody Kurios or Theos (God). It only stands to defense.

Q. Whose marginal note? Is it reasonably priced to have a text to entre that Jehovah God is the One Who was, and is, and is coming? How can it be said of the Omnipresent God that He is “coming”? Is it not more probable that it is the Son, Who often promised to reward to Earth, who is “coming”?

JWA. Still, we must not violate the consistency of the word usage here. We are convinced that “Jehovah” is the Name that should be inserted in this text.

Q. I firmly disagree when your conviction, which I endorse to be based in this area your bias gone to the Son of God and nothing else. But we have not spoken of that second term, Eternal Father, as it reads in your altogether translation. How could the Son be called the Father unless it is true what Jesus said, that He and His Father are One?

JWA. There is a conformity in addition to any Father and any Son, but this does not prove that the two identities are complex into one.

Q. Humanly speaking you are right. But really the Scripture here calls for the Son to be for that excuse identified following the Father, that one of His Names will actually be Eternal Father.

CA: There is no denying that in the middle of again we have hit upon the secrecy of the Godhead, called by men the Trinity, the Tri-Unity. There is conveniently no quirk to explain it, no habit to beatific luck keep busy to defense in this situation, as any of the addendum matters we locate in Scripture. Dead men pro your hands on not rise once more. But Jesus did. Worlds get not just come into creature. But this one we alive in did, by an war of commencement. The Red Sea miracle, the healings of Jesus, none of it is “reasonably priced.” But by faith we notice it is real!

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