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Foreigners and nationals can be informed, entertained and documented through the mass communication that exists in Panama. The sociable majority of the magnification media provides utter recommend, making it easy for tourists to stay in our country. If you would taking into consideration to gate the newspaper, a magazine, watch television, hear to the radio or clearly entry Panamanian web pages.

Printed Media, the tourists favorites

Panamanian printed media are by excellence one of the tourist’s favorite means of communication. In this classification we can reference daily newspapers, weekly newspapers and the general counsel magazines. Printed media can be located by the elites to be informed as dexterously as to run by. In Panama you can profit these written media at pharmacies, supermarkets, grocers, newsstands and some banks.

This tropical country currently has the taking into consideration newspapers: La Prensa(The Press), La Critica (The Critic), El Panama America, Mi Diario(My Diary), Dia a Dia(Day to Day), La Estrella de Panama(The Star of Panama), El Siglo(The Century), La Cronica(The Chronicle), Noti News and Panama News in English. When it comes to the most liked magazines we have Ellas (women), Panama Travel (tourism), Maga and Talingo (cultural type magazines).

The sensation of television

Do you know about noticias actuales


Television is one of the most liked exaggeration media to be transmitted at a make standoffish image in movements and sounds. The television channels in Panama manage to pay for an ample programming which includes entertainment (adult and children), news and literary programs. Among the main television channels we have:

o TVN – Channel 2: Televisora Nacional, includes varied programming. It has been ranked as the number one channel in without secrecy-liked response. It has national production programs such as Vive la Musica (“Live the Music” American Idol type enactment), Hecho en Panama (Made in Panama), Ellas y Tu (The Girls and You) in the middle of others. While presenting novellas following a pleasing number of spectators.
o Telemetro Panama: Offers a varied programming for adults and children. With regards to national production the favorites are Bailando por un Sueo (Dancing surrounded by the Stars), Buscando a Pepito (Looking for Little Johnny), Cuna de Acordiones (Crib of Accordions), Lo + Chic (The Most Chic), Selecta Magazine (Select Magazine), to pronouncement a few.
o Tele 7: A channel exclusively for children and adolescents. With cartoons, series, novellas and a mighty national programming where programs such as el Colegial (The Schoolbus), Parkeando(Hanging Out), La Torre de los Sueos(The Tower of Dreams) and many more stand out.
o TV Max, Channel 9: The number one sports channel concerning Panamanian territory. Offers sports programming once pleasurable confession around behalf of foreigners as proficiently as the nationals.
o RPC, Channel 4: this channel possesses a varied programming following movies and series to delight the viewing public. It is worth mentioning that shows by now Puro Deporte(All Sports) as proficiently as Noticias y Mas(News and More) have traditional invincible salutation concerning behalf of the spectators.
o SERTV, Channel 11: an educational channel, presents programming focused concerning knowing the cultural chronicles of Panama.

It is important to narrowing out that the radio stations have all-powerful programming for foreigners and nationals that enjoy music as adroitly as moot programs, news, etc.

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